Friday, April 21, 2006

Quantifying traffic violations and the Great Wall

En maga…. En aithu.. Guru.. Seedha hogi…. Oudha???

If you are wondering what these are?? Well, I was bangalored the week before last and am still suffering the hangover.

Bengalooru never ceases to amaze me. Something or the other happens every time I visit that leaves me spell bounded to say the least. This time it was no different.

Great wall?? Yes we chose to call it the great wall of Bengalooru.

There's this busy one way in Koramangala that passes through Jyothi Nivas College and goes on to Forum. We know it better for the Paramount juices that you get at arbitrary times in the night. One fine morning (as fine as it gets anyways) we were going to get some cash from the ATMs that reside on that side of the town and bang in the middle of the road, there's a wall. Not just any wall, but one that was built with cement blocks! And there's a small board that says "take diversion". Now, I have seen road signs, traffic blockades and even check posts. But a wall?? Merely for diverting traffic. Beats me. Only feasible in Bengalooru.

Now if you think that this is the last of it, think again. We had gone for some movie shopping at SP Road. This is near the Kalasipalayam bus stand. And on our way back, we randomly caught the main road from on of the various gullies and there was quite traffic hullabaloo with lots of buses meandering through the road (though left to me I would not call it so). And we just patiently followed the busses, only to be stopped by the cops. Apparently this was a bus-way that only busses are allowed to travel. Why? Again beats me. If you think this is weird wait a minute but be careful. The cops initially demanded the papers and licenses, which were thankfully in order. Then there was this random demand for Rs.400 for the car and Rs.200 for each of the bikes. After much negotiation, finally this one cop says you guys seem to be nice people and moreover, you guys are all of similar height. So, pay Rs.200 per vehicle and go. What? Are you serious? Apparently he was. This was the last straw.

The garden city. I have such fond childhood memories of this city and I lived there for six months in 2003. It was still good then. What has it come to?


Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop. ~Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland


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Dude, now you've grown up and earning so you need to pay the bribes on your own :)

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