Thursday, March 02, 2006

India - the coolest

It seems like we are the coolest on the planet right now. The catch phrase is India. Be it Will Smith being smitten by Aishwarya Rai or 'Kajara Re' being hip - hop mixed.

Check out India rising., a well written article on newsweek by Fareed Zakaria.

And for a nation that is 60 years old, it is quite phenomenal. I am quite proud to say this - "Mera Bharath Mahan" !


To err is human, to purr feline. To err is human, two curs canine. To err is human, to moo bovine


Anonymous wadood said...

hi mr Zakaria iam big fan or yours
any what ever u writes , u thinks ,is amazing it touches to deep in to my heart the questions which always come in my mind ,are replied by u thats it keep it up god bless u

9:46 PM  

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