Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is Programming Art?

I am back.... Have been wanting to write for quite sometime now... so here goes...

Art and Computer Programming by John Littler -- One of the great theoretical debates in computer programming is "Is programming art?" There are creative components certainly, and aesthetic aspects occasionally, but do programming's functional concerns push it more toward craft or engineering? John Littler recently cornered several well-known hackers for their opinions on the subject.

Littler borrows from the likes of Paul Graham, Stroustrup etc.. And though he does recognize that there are contraints with computer programming such as the Language restrictions, Coding Standards, Practices which bog down the creativity and limit the freedom of the programmer. Littler then steps back and takes programming as the complete set of the {Idea, Design, Implementation} and lo behold, you have numerous avenues for art in the first two stages.



Blogger Sid said...

Yes! Infact each piece of code is the portrait of sorts of the person who wrote that code, I feel.

5:21 PM  

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