Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogging may get you into trouble

Recently there have been instances of people getting into real trouble becaused they blogged. A google employee and a delta airlines air-hostess were fired because they blogged. :o

Where is the right to speech?? This might be our immediate reaction.
But from the organizations point of view, if the person did divulge confidential information or things that could affect business, then it is indeed severe damage. There are policies governing almost every conceivable employee behaviour that might concern 'leak' of confidential information. But there are no policies for blogging (well except very very few firms, such as Sun - courtesy Tim Bray). As blogs are turning into a major media vehicle in the recent times (with ~ 27% of adults in the US reading blogs), organizations must really enforce a policy for blogging.

CNN ran a story on the same recently. Check it out at

Please take the time to research whether what you are penning is intellectual property/ confidential info before doing so. Wish you all safe blogging.


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