Sunday, January 16, 2005

Me... Myself... and ...??

Didn't want to clutter up the right hand side of this page with too much and thought i'll pen something about me as a separate entry. Well here goes...

I am doing my masters in software engineering from PSG Tech, this is a college in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Southern India (for the benefit of those whose not in the know). I am currently doing my final semester project at DE Shaw & Co, an investment firm primarily of wall street, but i am in their technology wing at Hyderabad.

I love music (in any form), play the violin and to a very miniscule extent the bass guitar too. Nothing would more enjoyable to me than mixing a live concert. Someday i hope to make some music of my own. Outdoor sports of any kind interests me. I play basketball and cricket. Trekking and travelling are also passions. I love to go to new places and meet new people. And i am an ardent fan of Indian Cricket (esp of it's not too popular but infamous skipper Sourav Ganguly), Basketball (NBA and more), F1 Racing (Schumi rules full stop) and many many more.....

I also love reading. Currently i am into On Language - Noam Chomsky. Am also a movie buff...(English, Tamil, Hindi and Hinglish).. :-)

Well... thats me...


It's one life.. Live it to the fullest


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